The History of Piano Technique & Our Piano Godfather, Czerny

A wonderful read going into 2014 about the history of the piano, piano pedagogy, and Carl Czery -- the forefather of modern piano technique and study.

From The History of Piano Technique:

Carl Czerny (1791-1857) has been hailed as the forefather of modern piano playing, and most of us can trace our lineage directly back to him. For example, Rachmaninov was taught by Alexander Siloti who was taught by Eugen D’Albert who was taught by Emil von Sauer who was taught by William Mason who was taught by Moriz Rosenthal who was taught by Liszt who was taught by Czerny. If you wish to see a fuller family tree, here is the link.

I can trace my piano 'lineage' back to Beethoven and Czerny as well. And so can you if you take lessons!