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Chords Class: 'Striking a Chord!' - What are all these notes?

  • Bobby Apperson Music Studio 3439 Atwater Ave Los Angeles, CA, 90039 United States (map)

Music theory night at Bobby Apperson Music Studio!
'Striking a Chord!' * Covering chords (what - how - why) and what to do with them!
This kicks off group classes on a variety of music & theory subjects.

WikiPedia says:
Music theory is the study of how music is written and played. Music theory distills and analyzes the fundamental parameters or elements of music—rhythm, harmony (harmonic function), melody, structure, form, and texture.

It is NOT a piano lesson and you don't have to perform or get up in front of people at all. A lot of it is written - on the board, on your clipboard, and then demonstrated and played.

* For adults and mature kids (high school or late middle school)
* Covering chords (what - how - why) and what to do with them!
* $20 suggested donation - some snacks and drinks will be available
* Bring a friend or partner!
* PLEASE RSVP so I know to expect you. The music studio is located on a private residence in a separate structure, so I'll need to meet you at the gate if you're new, thanks!

At the end you can vote on upcoming subjects, like:
More of the same
Songwriting & melody
Performance class / master class
Guest artist classes (voice, guitar, other)
Ear training (hearing intervals and chords without looking)
Harmony / Voice leading
Listening party and/or music history

Saturday June 14, 4-6pm: 
Adult Recital + Party at the studio!


Bobby Apperson is a pianist, teacher, songwriter, performer, and coach in Northeast Los Angeles. His Atwater Village music studio is accepting new students and songwriters. Want to learn to play, sing, write, or all 3? Contact Bobby today!