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Chords Class: Jazz & Rock Chords

Hi LA! Ever thought about group music class? Do you play keys by ear or read a bit but want to take the next step to understanding, playing, and even writing music? Try a group class at BA Music Studio and save! 

They're designed to supplement solo lessons but you get the same level and duration of a lesson for much less cost. You also get to meet other musicians around your age and level, always fun!

This class is Chords 102* includes:
_ Jazz and blues, woah! Getting into different kinds of 7ths, what they sound and look like -- in other styles too, from the Beatles and Dylan to today
_ Review and/or overview: diminished, augmented, and who the heck uses them and why; and getting into other 4-note chords
_ Based on attendance, 9th chords, jazz progressions, and modes; chord voicing (what plays what)
_ *Assumes some chord knowledge (Chords 101) - but we'll do some review for those who need it: major vs minor, some inversions.

* Snacks and drinks provided! 
* Classes start promptly and last 60-75 minutes
* Each class is $20, cash or card
* Bring a friend and save! $15 each.
* All materials are provided and any level is welcome, though some keyboard knowledge definitely helps. Don't worry, you'll still learn no matter what! 

PLEASE RSVP here, thanks!

Bobby Apperson
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Piano / Voice / Songwriting Coach
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