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Feb 6 Saturday Song Lab for songwriting: 3:15-4:45pm

Bring your songs or your itching to write! Group prompts and sharing and techniques, and some feedback from good, supportive folks. 

Please RSVP!

The group meets every 3-4 weeks @ BA Music Studio to:
- Discuss shared goals, work thus far, tips
- Get started on group prompts. These are assignments we all do and the results are always really fun and inspiring to others. These serve a couple purposes:

** The prompts are songwriting exercises, so the pressure is off. Having a place to start means you don't tie yourself in knots trying to write The Great Song. As a result, things flow and often surprising things come out of it - like melodies, lyrics, or even whole songs you can use.

** When everyone writes from the same starting point, every result is different. You get to see what other people in the group did with the same prompt (chords, lyrics, or more to start from) and those things you didn't think of inform your writing next time.