Hello, intrepid parent! Thanks for taking the time to answer a few brief questions about your child and your family. These answers help me gear lessons for your young student as well as get to know you before we begin! If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact me at studio@bobbyamusic.com or (213) 259-9679.

Also please review studio policies before the first lesson, it helps things go more smoothly for all of us.

Child's Name *
Child's Name
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Child's Birthday
Examples, singing in the car, playing instruments at school or at church, or sitting down at a piano without being asked to.
What school district?
Or upcoming school year
Either privately or at school? If so, who?
Parent or Guardian Name(s) *
Parent or Guardian Name(s)
Please provide your cell phone, partner/spouse/guardian's names and phone numbers, and provide any other parties such as grandparents or caretakers who may interact with the studio at any time
Music Classes!
Day + Time. Slots are Wednesday afternoon through Saturday mornings. Examples:
  1. Wednesday 4pm
  2. Saturday 11am
  3. Friday 4:15
  4. Thursday 3:30
Please check all of your child's interests. In the open field below you can indicate any preferences for curriculum, such as rock and blues vs. classical, encouraging singing alongside all piano playing, etc.
Suggestions are always encouraged!
About your child or your family? Do you have any questions or comments?
  • Is there a family history of music or performing arts?
  • Is your child equally interested in singing or songwriting, or only piano and keys?
  • Are you interested in connecting with another piano parent for carpooling based on your school or home address? Overlapping lessons (duets and group learning)?

What's Next?

  • You'll receive an email confirmation for your first lesson. If you haven't set up a date yet please contact me!
  • We'll assess your child and look at materials you may need.
  • Ask about referral rewards!
  • Studio location and map
  • Please review studio policies for a smoother experience
  • Join the mailing list for all the latest studio updates
Your child's name here!

Your child's name here!