Welcome to the Bobby Apperson Music Studio in Northeast LA, and congratulations on taking this big step! If you could please take a few moments to answer a few brief questions about yourself. These answers help me gear lessons for you as well as get to know you before we begin! If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact me at studio@bobbyamusic.com or (323) 543-5652.

If any of this seems redundant, I apologize -- this will be the last time I ask, as these responses go into my files.

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Cell / main phone
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Seth C. learning Melissa Manchester

Seth C. learning Melissa Manchester

What's Next?

  • You'll receive an email confirmation for your first lesson. If you haven't set up a date yet please contact me!
  • We'll assess where you are and look at materials you may need.
  • Ask about referral rewards!
  • Studio location and map. Please note it is behind the house in a separate space. Also please always latch the gate as the owner has two friendly pups! Thanks!
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Your name here!